Ball Bags

This Ump Attire product was patented in 1998 by Beulah Hester.  The bag is made of 65/35 poly cotton twill and weighs approximately 12oz. The finish dimensions are 10 1/2″ wide and 13 1/2″ deep including the belt loops.  Unique features include 6 layers of thick fabric including the front with elastic, center pockets for indicator, pencil and plate brush.  The back has a zippered pocket that is used by umpires to store items of their choice. Suggestions for the use of the zippered pocket is: Line up cards, wallet, car keys, locker room key, change, cell phone, ID cards, medical supplies, pencil etc.  A real popular use has been to wear 2 ball bags using one for the home team and the other for the visiting team.

Available in Black and Navy.  Can be custom made in other colors.  Minimums do apply.

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