Product Development

Ump Attire Product Development Services include:

We can take your idea for your company, team, sports official, organization and make it a reality, from the yarn to the finished product. Our factory provides options of several types of fabrics, custom sewing, embroidery, dying and sublimation to create your uniform, sports item or accessories with almost limitless options.

Contact Beulah Hester today to begin the process of development your product from scratch and begin using or selling it within a couple weeks’ time.

We have completed projects for the following teams/organizations:

  • Kentucky High School Athletic Association
  • National Softball Association
  • Baseball Players Association
  • Atlantic Umpire Associations
  • Mansfield baseball Association
  • Mid-South Umpire Association
  • National Federation Sports Association
  • Alabama Umpire Associations
  • Designed and manufactured pants for Minor league Baseball
  • Designed, manufactured, and own all Ump Attire Products sold on