Beulah social Womwn in businessMarch 2010, World Affairs council: 

Thanks to origination of people like you, the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana is able to significantly contribute to the Department of State’s mission of “enabling emerging leaders to experience U.S. democracy and free enterprise in action in communities across the United States.”

The delegates mentioned multiple times that the time spent with you was one of the most useful meetings in their program.  Your efforts were greatly appreciated.  

March 2010, Kathy Moats, former Director of the Eastern Kentucky Small Business Development Center:

Beulah Hester is without a doubt the most market-savvy business person I have met in my 40 years of experience with small businesses.  True entrepreneurs share certain characteristics.  In my opinion the top four are perseverance, persistence, creativity and passion.  After five minutes of conversation with her, Beulah’s unsurpassed passion for her business is evident. [Read Full Story]

March 2009, Matt Madden, World Affairs Council:

Such a wonderful experience!!  Thank you for being such an inspiration.

September 1999, Eastern Kentucky University:

It was a pleasure having you meet with our class again and share the story of how you developed Ump Attire.  We believe it is important for business students to hear from people whose values and perseverance carry them through difficult times.  

March 1999, First Step of Kentucky, Inc.:

Thank you for allowing the First Step trainees the opportunity to tour your facility and for the encouraging words you with your story. Everyone agreed that yours was the best field trip the class had been on.  Your inspiration to the class was immeasurable.

October 1998, Eastern Kentucky University:

Thank you for coming to campus and speaking to our class introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication. 

October 1998, University of Kentucky Wayne county Extension Office:

Thank you very much for being the featured speaker at the Cooperative Extension Service Conference on “Developing or Expanding Your Home-based Business Market”


October 1997, University of KY Center for Entrepreneurship:

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate as a speaker at the 5th Annual Women Mean Business Conference.