Textile Sourcing Agent

88162 Beulah Hester BC.inddUA-USAMADE is a full-service textile sourcing agency exporting ready-made garments to world wide customers from the apparel manufacturing companies located in the United States.  Beulah Hester has over 20 years’ experience in the garment industry, offering product customization and development for many professional sports teams, schools and industry leaders.  She can offer your company consulting expertise in sourcing, manufacturing and merchandising in the apparel industry.

Beulah Hester, owner of UA-USAMADE  has a wide range of resources and partnerships with the manufacturers who are the leaders in their fields with the reliable production techniques and experience.  She can take your idea, develop a pattern, and work with you to choose the right material, thread, dye, button, zippers and accessories.  She will take your idea from concept to reality to mass production through manufacturing and assembly in the United States.  Thus, your product will bear the label proudly, “Made in the USA”.

Beulah will assist you in the following steps:

  • Sample preparation
  • Collecting the names of suppliers that will be suitable for your product at the your price point
  • Thread, Dye and Material approvals
  • Pattern check, cutting, inline, sewing and final inspection
  • Handling manufacturing reports and testing
  • Assist with shipping and logistics

Call Beulah for more information at (606)365-3303 or (606)669-0455; or email her at umpattire@beulahhester.com