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Our Products

Our products include the Ump Attire trademarked brand of referee/umpire shirts, pants, patented baseball/softball umpire ball bags, throw-down bean bags, as well as an ever expanding array of custom products. We currently are selling our ball bags, throw down bean bags, and some referee shirts on Amazon.

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Product Development

We can take your idea for your company, team, sports official, organization and make it a reality, from the yarn to the finished product. Our factory provides options of several types of fabrics, custom sewing, embroidery, dying and sublimation to create your uniform, sports item or accessories with almost limitless options.

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Product Customization

If you see one of our existing products and have an idea on how to improve or customize it for your company, team, sports official, organization, contact us so we can modify it for your needs. With our equipment, factory, and a staff of professionals, we have the ability to take your idea from the yarn to the finished product.

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Beulah Hester, Owner / Founder of Ump-Attire

Beulah Hester founded Ump-Attire in 1994 and is the current legal owner and operator of Ump-Attire. Beulah designs the patterns, oversees the manufacturing of each of her patented products, and manages product development and product customization for the large variety of specific requests by her clients.

Ump-Attire is a trademark for products designed and developed for sports officials. It was founded in 1994 by its owner, Beulah Hester. Ump Attire now has over 200 products on the market and growing each year.

In 2009 Ump Attire products were sold in 47 different countries from retail distributors of the Ump Attire product line. Beulah Hester is currently set up as Custom Officials Wear, doing business as, Ump Attire in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.